Le French Gut

MetaGenoPolis INRAE

ERGA pilot

A Genome Atlas of European Biodiversity

ERGA consortium

Colomban de Vargas
FR2022 Tara GOSEE - Research Federation for the Study of Global Ocean Systems Ecology & Evolution, Paris


Harnessing the power of ancient genome imputation to reconstruct 2,000 years of horse breeding in France

Ludovic Orlando
CAGT-CNRS UMR 5288, Toulouse


Deciphering the genomic variations of canine breeds and their impacts on longevity

Benoit Hedan and Thomas Derrien
Canine Genetics, IGDR, UMR6290 CNRS - Univ Rennes, Rennes


Biogeography and functionality of soil microbial community at the scale of France by the applicationof metagenomic approaches to the French soil quality monitoring network

Sébastien Terrat et Lionel Ranjard
UMR Agroécologie-AgroSup/INRA/uB Dijon


Combining phenotype μCT imaging and genome skimming for high throughput biodiversitydiscovery: application to springtails

Eric Coissac
Laboratoire d’Ecologie Alpine (LECA) Grenoble


Genomic complexity of the coral holobiont across biodiversity gradientsin the Pacific

Serge Planes
USR 3278 CRIOBE-CBETM -Université de Perpignan Perpignan


Nature and role of biotic drivers in the assembly of microbial communities from traditional PDO cheeses

Françoise Irlinger
UMR 782, GMPA INRA-AgroParisTech Thiverval-Grignon


Population genomics of wild Asian apricot trees

Véronique Decroocq
UMR 1332 Biologie du Fruit et Pathologie INRA-Université de Bordeaux Bordeaux