France Genomique

France Genomique brings together and mutualises the resources of the most efficient French genomics and bioinformatics platforms.

Its ambition is to maintain French research at the highest level of competitiveness and performance in the production and analysis of genomic data.

It offers the public and private scientific community the highest level of expertise and skills, as well as project support.

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JOBIM 2019

The 2019 edition of the JOBIM congress held in Nantes, offers thematic conferences and workshops, in particular for the analysis of "single cell" and metagenomic data.

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Genopole « Summer School » 2019

From 24 to 28 June 2019, 3 days of conferences and practical workshops in bioinformatics and biostatistics applied to genomics and metagenomics

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A mutualised expertise

The France Genomics platforms offer a wide range of cutting-edge techniques in different fields of application of new sequencing technologies.

The e-infrastructure

The TGCC, an e-infrastructure of more than 5 petabytes dedicated to data processing and storage.


Ingénieur(e) Bioinformatique

Le Centre de Bioinformatique de Bordeaux (plateforme CBiB) recrute un ingénieur pour le…

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Développeur(trice) Informatique

La plateforme GeT Plage de Toulouse recrute un développeur (trice) pour son système de suivi…

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Ingénieur(e) Bioinformatique

UCAGenomiX recrute un ingénieur bioinformaticien pour développer des outils d’analyses de données…

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