France Genomique

France Genomique brings together and mutualises the resources of the most efficient French genomics and bioinformatics platforms.

Its ambition is to maintain French research at the highest level of competitiveness and performance in the production and analysis of genomic data.

It offers the public and private scientific community the highest level of expertise and skills, as well as project support.

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Assembly and annotation of the pea genome

Last week, the Genoscope published the first reference sequence of the pea (a project resulting from the France Genomics Call for Proposals) by combining several methodologies (short and long NGS…

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NF-Y controls transcription

The ATGC platform has published a comprehensive genomic study in mouse embryonic stem cells , that describes NF-Y’s mechanistic critical role at promoters to direct the transcription machinery to the…

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France-Genomique training in HPC applied to genomic data – 2019

Organized by Evry platforms, 3 days (from 27 to 29 November 2019)

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JOBIM 2019

The 2019 edition of the JOBIM congress held in Nantes, offers thematic conferences and workshops, in particular for the analysis of "single cell" and metagenomic data.

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A mutualised expertise

The France Genomics platforms offer a wide range of cutting-edge techniques in different fields of application of new sequencing technologies.

The e-infrastructure

The TGCC, an e-infrastructure of more than 5 petabytes dedicated to data processing and storage.


Technician in HD sequencing

The CNRGH is looking for a technician in high throughput sequencing (18-month fixed-term contract)…

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The TGML platform is looking for a bioinformatics engineer for the quality control and data…

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Bioinformatics Engineer

I2BC is opening an IR position (CNRS external competitive recruitment) for the scientific direction…

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