Terms of the call

As part of its mission to support the scientific community, FRANCE GENOMIQUE devotes a significant part of its sequencing and bioinformatics data processing capacity, as well as the associated expertise, to the achievement of ambitious projects with high scientific added value and international visibility

High impact projects, technologic challenges

These projects will be submitted by public research laboratories and will be carried out by the national platforms (Genoscope and CNRGH). Projects may also involve foreign partner, particularly European ones. The operating costs of these projects will be covered by FRANCE GENOMIQUE in part or in whole.

NB: FRANCE GENOMIQUE wishes to open new call “Grands Projets de Séquençage”. However, today, no date can be announced for a new call.

This call concerns mainly very large-scale sequencing projects from organisations of major scientific, medical or economic interest. Projects involving populations of organisms (metagenome, biological diversity), environmental genomics and population genomics projects are encouraged. In some cases, smaller projects could be selected if they require significant bioinformatics analysis capabilities, or present particular technological challenges.

Collaboration with Genoscope or CNRGH

The selected projects will be developed in collaboration with Genoscope or CNRGH under a written agreement. The partners (collaborators and platform) will define together the most appropriate strategy for the execution of the projects as well as the practical conditions for carrying out the experiments.

Data resulting from this collaboration will be held jointly by the partners who will agree on the procedures for dissemination and modalities concerning intellectual protection, in agreement with the regulatory authorities and the practices in force in the scientific community. In particular, the data will be placed in the public domain. The assembled sequences will be submitted to public databases in accordance with international rules, within a time frame to be defined for each project.

Evaluation criterias

Projects will be evaluated according to:

  • their scientific interest ;
  • their degree of feasibility ;
  • their impact on the national and international scientific community ;
  • the international context ;
  • the ability of applicants to quickly obtain the necessary biological material ;
  • the ability of applicants to engage in bioinformatics analysis ;
  • the ability of applicants to exploit and publish the results of the project.

The scientific review Committees

The scientific review committee for project evaluation is composed of the excutive committee and two subcommittees: Human Genetics & Health and Biodiversity. It is responsible for the evaluation and selection of projects submitted to the infrastructure by the community.

How to submit

No call pending.

FRANCE GENOMIQUE wishes to open new call “Grands Projets de Séquençage”. However, today no date can be announced for a new call.

To submit a project


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Results of preceding calls

Results of preceding calls are available in the following section :

High impact projects funded