In-continue project submission

FRANCE GENOMIQUE, in its mission to support the scientific community, offers access to the technology and expertise of its network of platforms as well as support to collaborators in carrying out their genomics projects.

Projects must be submitted via the FRANCE GENOMIQUE Internet portal.

The project holder may nominate one or more platforms with technological expertise in line with the proposed project. His choice can be guided by consulting the section « Plateforms of France Génomique ».

In case of multiple choices, the project leader is oriented directly to the platform most suited to fulfill his project, according to the scientific field, the technological expertise required and the availability of the platforms chosen.

The designated platform then interacts directly with the project leader to define/confirm together the best technological approach to use. A quotation is then established. Generally speaking, only marginal costs are charged for projects carried out by French public institutions, while fixed costs (permanent staff, technological platforms, infrastructure costs, etc.) remain the responsibility of FRANCE GENOMIQUE. Conversely, projects carried out for private or foreign applicants are invoiced at full cost.

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