PorteursLaurent MesnardAffiliation porteursINSERM-IMR 1155-Hôpital Tenon Paris

Whole exome sequencing inlivingDonor/Recipient kidney transplants

We propose the WES of 50 renal transplant pairs (100 exomes) in order to:
1-Refine the accuracy of the allogenomics method (described in this proposal) now in fully HLA-matched living related donors developing chronic rejection of their grafts.
2-Evaluate retrospectively the clinical relevance of WES in kidney-grafted population (recipient especially).
In particular, will WES be able to reassess the accuracy of the initial clinical diagnosis of the renal disease? To date more than 30% of renal transplanted patients did not reach any pathological diagnosis of their nephropathy despite cost and efforts made by clinicians.

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