Sequencing Platform of Toulouse– GeT-PlaGe

Bioinformatics analysis

The Toulouse genomics platform in partnership with the GenoToul bioinformatics platform in Toulouse has developed a site for providing raw data available (nG6: After sequencing, are released on the nG6 site:

  • the raw sequences and associated quality analysis with the fastq format, for 3 months on a saved storage space
  • primary analysis (sequencing report and quality control (fastQC), contaminant detection)
  • alignment of reads against a reference sequence (if applicable) and analysis of the alignment rate by position

GeT-PlaGe then proposes to  assist research teams for the assembly of small genomes from long reads, all the way from project design to result report (assembly and assembly quality metrics). GeT-PlaGe also provides its users with a fleet of computers equipped with appropriate softwares to analyze the data produced (excluding NGS). Softwares for the analysis of NGS data are available on the infrastructure of the bioinformatics platform.

The future at GeT-PlaGe

In response to the demand from research teams in the fields of agronomy and the environment, GeT-PlaGe and the bioinformatics platform have set up the SeqOccIn project (ERDF Regional Project 2019-2021) to develop new methodologies.

In the long term, new expertise will be accessible to the entire community, bellow is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Hi-C for assembly improvement and metagenomics
  • Direct RNA via Long reads technology
  • Extraction of high molecular weight DNA
  • Epigenetics on native DNA and RNA
  • Combining technologies for the best assembly

Our expertise

Our equipment

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