A new director for FG

Following the departure of Pierre Le Ber from the CEA, to join the private sector, the management of the national infrastructure France Génomique was taken over in January by Patrick Wincker (Genoscope director) and Denis Milan (Scientific director of GeT-PlaGe). Patrick Wincker also became the new Scientific and Technical Manager of the PIA France Génomique project.

On this occasion, Pedro Oliveira (Génoscope) joined the executive committee of France Génomique that is now formed of Patrick Wincker (Génoscope, Evry), Denis Milan (GeT, Toulouse), Jean-François Deleuze (CNRGH, Evry), Pascal Barbry (UCAGenomix, Nice), Pedro Oliveira, Claudine Médigue (Microscope, Evry) and Christine Gaspin (Bioinfo Genotoul, Toulouse), and assisted by Marie Thérèse Bihoreau and Emilie Cros .


          Patrick Wincker
             FG Director
            Denis Milan
         FG Vice-director
      Jean-François Deleuze
          CNRGH Director
             Pascal Barbry
       UCAGenomiX Director









          Pedro Oliveira
  Head of Sequencing Lab
       Claudine Médigue
   MicroScope Director IBFJ
     Co-director of the IFB
         Christine Gaspin
           Team header
   MIAT & GenoToul Bioinfo