PorteursJean-Sébastien HulotAffiliation porteursFaculté de Médecine- Pitié- Salpêtrière UPMC-Paris

Identify genetic determinants of the risk of drug-induced cardiac arrhythmiasby sequencing subjects with extreme phenotypes

We propose to perform a whole-exome sequencing in 300 subjects that were challenged by a pharmacological testing and either displayed typical features of a high risk for cardiac arrhythmias (n=150) or had no apparent changes in repolarization (n=150). The subjects are selected from the GENEREPOL study where 1000 healthy subjects were prospectively tested for drug-induced changes in cardiac repolarization. DNA is available. In this pharmacogenomics study, we expect identifying rare and less common variants associated with the risk to develop cardiotoxic response to common drugs.

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