Mutualisation des compétences et des équipements français
pour l’analyse génomique et la bio-informatique

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Missions of the France Génomique Infrastructure

The missions of the France Génomique infrastructure are to provide the French scientific community (public and private sectors) with access to the best French platforms, in addition to consultation and support for their projects, a pool of expertise of the highest calibre, and the opportunity to participate in ambitious projects at both national and international level.

The creation of a governing body and single entry point system for management of large and medium-sized projects, plus shared equipment and expertise, enables researchers in the field to organise themselves to build the necessary critical mass to remain at the cutting edge of international progress and to respond to the growing needs of sequencing in terms of data processing and storage, and development of innovative tools.

In this way, the France Génomique infrastructure provides the public and private sectors of the French scientific community with :

- Leading expertise in genomics and associated bioinformatics technologies, which are crucial to stay in phase with very rapid technological evolution.

- Competitively priced services in genomics and bioinformatics : The close proximity between the user and an ‘expert’ infrastructure guarantees optimal scientific exploitation of the data produced.

- The opportunity to undertake ambitious projects of high scientific added value and strong international visibility, through the expertise and capacities offered by the infrastructure.

Thus, France Génomique aims to guarantee France a high level of competitiveness and independence in the field of genomic production and data analysis technology, at a time when technology has never been more strategic to all areas of research in the life sciences.

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