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Gentyane Sequening Platforme from Clermont-Ferrand

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The GENTYANE platform is affiliated to INRA (Centre de Clermont-Theix) and more particularly to the Biology and Plant Improvement Department (BAP).
The scientific objectives of the platform are :
(1) to support the research conducted in the various teams of the UMR GDEC
(2) to carry out genotyping and sequencing services on behalf of other INRA teams or other public and private bodies
(3) to ensure a technological watch enabling new tools to be implemented that respond better, more quickly and at a lower cost to users’ expectations.
The team is composed of engineers and technicians, experts in genotyping and sequencing. We have a building with all the safety features : electrical, fire and access control.

- Genotyping :
o SNP in KASPar technology (384 plates or microfluidics)
o SNP with AXIOM technology (up to 675000 SNP in chip format 96 and up to 55000 SNP in chip format 384).
o Microsatellites on capillary sequencer (96)
- Sequencing : de novo sequencing, amplicons, resequencing, mate-pair sequencing
- High throughput DNA extraction : The GENTYANE platform offers automated DNA extraction in Sbeadex or LifeStock chemistry (magnetic beads) on an oKtopure robot with a throughput of 1536 samples per day.

- Sequencing : 1 MiSeq Illumina, 1 Sequel Pacific Biosciences
- Genotyping : GENETITAN Affymetrix ; 3730xl DNA Analyzer, Biomark, JUNO, LightCycler 480, Genetitan
- Robotics : 3 Beckman FxP, 1 Biomek 4000, 1 Hamilton STAR, 1 Hamilton STARlet, oKtopure (LGC Genomics)
- Others : Covaris M220, Tecan Infinite M1000, Agilent TapeStation

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Certification / Quality Assurance
Platform certified ISO9001 since 2012, and NFX50-900 since 2014
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IBiSA platform certified as a strategic platform by INRA.

Platform Managment
Charles Poncet

Gentyane Platform
UMR INRA 1095 Genetics Diversity and Cereal Ecophysiology
5 chemin de beaulieu,
Charles Poncet

Charles Poncet
04 73 62 48 54

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update : 2017

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