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CBiB Bio-informatic Platform

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The team of the Centre de Bioinformatique de Bordeaux (CBiB) intervenes at the border between life sciences and computer science - statistics. Its area of expertise is the collection, integration, cross-referencing and analysis of omics data. The requirement to analyze large volume data quickly and reliably leads CBiB to develop "Big Data" methods. To do this, the CBiB brings together the required skills in bioinformatics and computer science ; the centre is equipped with appropriate computing and storage resources, in line with regional facilities (the Aquitaine Mesocentre for Computing - MCIA), the national Bioinformatics infrastructure (Investissement d’Avenir, Institut Français de Bioinformatique - IFB) and the ELIXIR European Infrastructure.

- “Omics" data analysis and integration
- Development of specific analyses
- Pipeline development and bioinformatics methods
The platform’s expertise is particularly renowned in algorithms, high throughput biological data integration, analysis and visualization. Whether in large projects or for specific expertise, the team has the know-how, equipment and capacity to study the complexity of biological systems.

The services offered by CBiB are as follows :
- Standard and custom analyses of biological data
- Implementation of "Big Data" approaches
- Development and maintenance of biological databases
- Development of the infrastructure and bioinformatics softwares, in particular for NGS data
- Analysis and personalized advices for bioinformatics projects
- Setting up collaborative projects with research teams
- Workshops and training on different bioinformatics thematics

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- Storage for production on IBM Spectrum Scale, 300TB available
- IBM Spectrum Scale (ex-GPFS) composed of 2 GPFS [Dell R730] + JBOD [Dell MD3460] nodes
- Storage for ZFS-based backup, 50TB (replicated at a remote site)
- A distributed storage system. MCIA-iRODS Project
- Cluster cortex
- Total of 25 compute nodes, 512 cores, 7.2TB RAM
- 24 standard computing nodes, Dell R630 (20 cores, 256 GB RAM)
- 1 big memory compute node, Dell R630 (32 cores, 1TB RAM)
- 2 login nodes, Dell R630 (20 cores, 256 GB RAM)
- Galaxy Portal, 1 DELL PowerEdge R910 server (32 core/64 threads, 128GB RAM, 800GB disk space)
- VMware Cluster
- 2 DELL PowerEdge R905 servers (16 cores, 64 GB RAM)
- Internet access 1 Gbits/s (shared) provided by the University of Bordeaux
- Intel Omni-Path LAN (data), 100Gbit/s
- Ethernet LAN (administration), 10 Gbps
- 4 Gbps FiberChannel SAN
Hosting infrastructure
- Room 28m²
- Containment hot aisle
- Cooling Group + Free Cooling ( 50% of the time)
- Air/water heat exchangers (water network at 15°C)
- 48kW N+1 Fault Tolerant Inverter
- Supervision of the room (temperature, hygrometry, water leakage, consumption per socket, inverter, cooling group, LCP)

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Certification / Quality assurance
ISO9001 certified since 2012, and NFX 50-900 certified since 2017
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IBiSA platform

Platform managment
Macha Nikolski (Director)
Alexis Groppi (Deputy Director)

146 rue Léo Saignat
33076 Bordeaux cedex

Macha Nikolski : , Tel : 05 57 57 12 47
Alexis Groppi : , Tel : 05 57 57 12 18

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