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"Synthetic Long Read"

The principle of library preparation using 10x Genomics technology is based on the integration of large molecules (60-100kb) into Gel Bead in EMulsion (GEMs) within which molecular indexing is carried out, using a micro-fluidic system.
Each GEM contains a unique molecular barcode including a primer sequence (1) for random amplification of the long DNA fragment captured in the GEM. After isothermal amplification, GEMs contain amplicons of a few hundred base pairs (2). A library compatible for "paired end" sequencing is prepared from purified amplicons (3). The alignment of short "paired end " reads is facilitated by molecular indexing of amplicons from large fragments (5).

The platforms to contact for "long synthetic read" sequencing projects:

CNRGH, Get, UCAGenomix, ENS, Institut Curie, MGX.

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