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Sequencing Platform of Toulouse

High-throughput sequencing: Genomic sequencing and resequencing, transcriptome analysis, epigenomics and metagenomics.
Chip analysis performed by other GeT (Genome and Transcriptome) sites that make up the GenoToul genomic platforms and core facilities.

- Sequencing equipment: 
1 NovaSeq Illumina, 2 HiSeq3000 Illumina, 3 Miseq Illumina, 1 RSII Pac Bio, 2 MinION Oxford Nanopore Technology, 1 GridION Oxford Nanopore Technology, 1 PromethION Oxford Nanopore Technology, 1 Pronton Ion Torrent, 1 PGM Ion Torrent.
- Chromium 10X Genomics
- Single Cell Analysis: Biomark (Fluidigm) with a C1 single cell module
- Robots : 5 Genesis Tecan for library preparation
- Other equipment: 1 Femto Pulse AAT, 1 BeadXPress Illumina, scanners Innoscan, Agilent et Roche

Bioinformatics analysis
The genomics platform of Toulouse offers the following services:
Primary analysis:
- Delivery of raw sequence data and quality scores (accessible via ng6, for 2 years minimum in a backup space)
- Sequencing and quality control report
- Identification of contamination
- Alignment of reads against a reference sequence.

Main achievements
785 projects executed since 2007, including sequencing projects, high-throughput sequencing, high-throughput qPCR and medium-throughput genotyping projects.
62 TB of sequence data produced since 2008 (454/MiSeq/HiSeq).

Certification / Quality Assurance
ISO 9001 certified since 2008 and NFX50-900 since 2015
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IBiSA platform, certified as a strategic platform by INRA

Platform managment
Denis Milan / Cécile Donnadieu

Plateforme Génomique (GeT-PlaGe)
UMR INRA-INP Génétique Cellulaire, centre INRA de Toulouse Auzeville
Chemin de Borderouge, Auzeville, 31326 Castanet-Tolosan

Denis Milan / Cécile Donnadieu
+33 5 61 28 55 88

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