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Combining phenotype μCT imaging and genome skimming for high throughput biodiversitydiscovery: application to springtails

Eric Coissac
Laboratoire d’Ecologie Alpine (LECA) Grenoble


Molecular characterization offelinelow grade alimentary lymphoma, a spontaneous animal model of human indolent T-cell lymphoproliferative disorder of the gastrointestinal tract

Lucile Couronné
Unité INSERM-Intitut Imagine Paris


GENomic and Transcriptomic Analysis of Undiagnosed Myalgia Induced by eXercise

Fabrice Rannou
Physiology Department- CHRU Cavale Blanche Brest

Mitral Valve-Seq

A sequencing-based genome-wide association study on Mitral Valve Disease

Jean-Jacques Schott
Inserm-Institut du Thorax Nantes


Large scale genomic, expression and epigenetic studies to better understand Genetic, molecular and cellular pathology of focal cortical dysplasia (FCD)

Jamel Chelly
IGBMC Strasbourg


Whole exome sequencing inlivingDonor/Recipient kidney transplants

Laurent Mesnard
INSERM-IMR 1155-Hôpital Tenon Paris


Deciphering the heterogeneous genome-microenvironment interplay in hepatocellular carcinomas

Jessica Zucman-Rossi
INSERM U1162 Paris


Contribution of rare variants to kidney cancer genetic susceptibility Génétique Humaine

Estelle Chanudet
INSERM U1162 Paris


Genomic characterisation of metastatic breast cancers

Fabrice Andre
INSERM-Gustave Roussy Villejuif


Discovery of noncoding genetic drivers implicated in the aggressive CpG-island methylator phenotype(CIMP)in adrenocortical carcinom

Valentina Boeva
Institute Cochin-INSERM-Université Paris Descartes Paris