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Biogeography and functionality of soil microbial community at the scale of France by the applicationof metagenomic approaches to the French soil quality monitoring network

Sébastien Terrat et Lionel Ranjard
UMR Agroécologie-AgroSup/INRA/uB Dijon


Reconstructing the history of horse breeding and its impact on the horse genome, epigenome and microbiome

Ludovic Orlando
CNRS UMR AMIS 5288 Toulouse


Identifying genetic risk factors of differentiated thyroid cancer in Oceanians of Non-European, Non-Asian Descent (ONENA) by whole genome sequencing and low pass sequencing

Therese Truong and Florent de Vathaire
Exposome and Heredity/ Epidemiology of Radiations CESP-Gustave Roussy , Villejuif


Association of germline variants, somatic mutations and DNA methylation of the mitochondrial genome to human longevity

Alexandre How Kit
Fondation Jean Dausset - CEPH, Paris


Genotyping of patients from La Réunion island by low coverage sequencing and imputation for search of
new variants associated with long-term Chikungunya manifestations

Jean-François Zagury
GBCM, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris


Diversity, community replacement, and perturbations in the vaginal microbiota

CIRB, UMR CNRS 7241- INSERM U1050 - Collège de France, Paris

ERGA pilot

A Genome Atlas of European Biodiversity

ERGA consortium

Le French Gut

Un projet ambitieux unique en France pour faire avancer la recherche du microbiote

MetaGenoPolis INRAE


Harnessing the power of ancient genome imputation to reconstruct 2,000 years of horse breeding in France

Ludovic Orlando
CAGT-CNRS UMR 5288, Toulouse


Malaria and sleeping sickness: molecular crosstalk between vector insects and their gut microbiome; search for genes controlling vector competence

Anne Geiger
IRD-CIRAD-UMR 177, InterTryp, Montpellier