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France Genomic Platforms

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Created through grant support from the French government programme, � Investments for the Future �, the France G�nomique infrastructure brings together the majority of the sequencing plateforme de s�quen�age and bioinformatics plateforme de bioinformatique platforms in France:

- National platforms plateforme nationale : The Genoscope and CNRGH platforms, which are part of the CEA located in Evry (near Paris), provide the sequencing, genotyping and bioinformatics capacity to enable large-scale projects to be undertaken.

- Sequencing platformsplateforme de s�quen�age : These platforms are located in Marseille (TGML), Montpellier (MGX), Nice (IPMC), Paris (Institut Pasteur, Genomic Paris ENS, Genomic Paris CURIE), Strasbourg (IGBMC) and Toulouse (Genotoul). Each platform has its own specific expertise and technology and its own ad hoc bioinformatics tools.

- Bioinformatics platforms plateforme de bioinformatique : Some of these platforms are linked to a sequencing platform, and are either dedicated solely to the processing of sequencing data (primary or secondary analysis) or are also specialised in the development of innovative data processing tools. The bioinformatics platforms are located in: Paris (Institut CURIE, Institut Pasteur), Orsay (eBIO), Versailles (URGI), Jouy-en-Josas (Migale), Evry (MicroScope, Institut of Genomics /CEA), Lyon (PRABI Lyon Doua), Rennes, Marseille, Montpellier, Lille and Toulouse.

- The volume of data to be stored and processed is expected to grow exponentially, thus the France G�nomique partners may soon have to call on support from the CEA's high performance computing centre, TGCC - Tr�s Grand Centre de Calcul - Tr�s Grand Centre de Calcul - CEA, which hosts large-scale equipment for data storage (initially 5 PB) and data processing (initially 3000 cores). These systems are adapted to the current volume of data with scaling potential for future needs, and are totally secure.

Most of the bioinformatics platforms of France G�nomique are partner platforms of the IFB (French Institute for Bioinformatics), a national infrastructure which also received grant funding from the government initiative, � Investments for the Future �.