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Bilille, bioinformatic platform of Lille

bilille offers a wide range of services in bioinformatics, from advice to support in your projects, whether you are a beginner or more experienced.

The platform is affiliated to the regional mesocentre, managed by the CRI at the University of Lille 1, and integrated into the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI).
Computing nodes : 630 cores, 1.3 TB of live memory
Disk space : 220 TB

- RNAspace, annotation platform for non-coding RNAs (
- Norine, a resource for non-ribosomal peptides (
- Biomanycores, a repository of multicore programmes for bioinformatics with interfaces for Bio* tools (
Software for sequence analysis (

IBISA certification for RNAspace

Platform Managment
Guillemette Marot
Hélène Touzet
Pascal Touzet

LIFL, cité scientifique
Université Lille 1

Université Lille 1, Université Lille 2, CNRS


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last update : 2016

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