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Invoicing / Charging principles

For each project submitted and validated by France Génomique, the relevant platform(s) will send a preliminary quotation to the principle investigator, based on the type of methodology to be used, the type and quantity of data to be processed, etc. In general, only marginal costs will be invoiced for projects from French public research organisations, and the remaining fixed costs (permanent staff, technology platforms, infrastructure costs, etc) will be covered by France Génomique. In contrast, projects undertaken for private sector organisations or foreign institutes will be charged on the basis of full costs. A common tariff is practiced by all the France Génomique platforms, and tariffs are re-evaluated and updated regularly to take account of changes in technology and consumables prices practised by main suppliers.
In addition, for projects submitted to the annual call for proposals for ‘Large-scale sequencing projects’ and selected by the France Génomique Scientific Review Committee, some or all of the costs may be covered by France Génomique.

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