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Scientific Review Committee

The scientific review committee is responsible for the evaluation and selection of projects submitted to the infrastructure by the scientific community. This committee is composed of two sub-committees: 1) Human Genetics and Health, and 2) Biodiversity.

Sub-committee for Human Genetics and Health :

President : Florent Soubrier
Antignac Corinne
Delattre Olivier
Genin Emmanuelle
Julier Cécile
Laporte Jocelyn
Panthier Jean-Jacques
Rausell Antonio
Redon Richard
Tregouët David

Sub-committee for Biodiversity :

President: Heulin Thierry
Members :
Batut Jacques
Bertin Philippe
Boichard Didier
Brunel Dominique
Claverie Jean-Michel
Drezen Jean-Michel
Hitte Christophe
Kahn Daniel
Le Guyader Hervé
Lucas Hélène
Maguin Emmanuelle
Plomion Christophe
Souciet Jean-Luc
Sperling Linda
Vignal Alain
Werner Michel

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