A national research infrastructure that brings together French expertise and equipment for genomic analysis and bioinformatics

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France Génomique offer

The France Génomique infrastructure offers the following :

- An integrated structure and governance, providing greater visibility and higher functionality to the network in general and to each of the platforms individually, including committees of experts dedicated to the evaluation of research projects.

- Access to a network facility of around 20 sequencing and/or bioinformatics platforms that have been operational for many years and each of which has developed one or more complementary specialties..

- The opportunity to submit and undertake ambitious projects with strong visibility, through submission to the France Génomique annual call for proposals for large-scale projects, or to the scientific review committees of France Génomique in the case of smaller-scale projects, with submission via a single web portal. Projects will be selected on the basis of scientific excellence, and will benefit from a high level of expertise and support, and be undertaken in the best possible conditions.

- The opportunity to access the expertise and innovations generated collectively through continual technology watch, evaluation and development of new sequencing and bioinformatics methodologies and technologies, which are an integral part of the infrastructure’s activities.

- Access to state-of-the-art competitively priced genomics services and associated bioinformatics, which guarantee optimal exploitation of data due to the critical mass achieved by the infrastructure which allows permanent upgrade of production equipment, processing systems and data storage systems (NGS 2nd generation followed by 3rd generation, and informatics).

- Access to a high performance computing centre and to data storage systems at the TGCC, which is part of the CEA (French Commission for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies). The TGCC is equipped with large scalable capacity that is adapted to the colossal mass of data currently being generated and to exponential data growth.

- Dissemination. New technologies and methodologies, knowledge and know-how, as well as benchmarking activities developed by the infrastructure, will be disseminated within France Génomique and also disseminated widely to the French scientific community. This could be done, for example, through training offered by the network and made available to the whole scientific community.

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