Mutualisation des compétences et des équipements français
pour l’analyse génomique et la bio-informatique

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Over the last 20 years, Life Sciences has hugely benefited from the spectacular developments in genome sequencing technologies which have rendered data acquisition faster, easier and cheaper. This has resulted in research discoveries and progress in all fields (biology, medicine, agronomy, biodiversity, etc) that were beyond reach only a few years ago. The sequencing of the human genome (3 billion bases) was officially completed in 2003, at a cost 300 million dollars and more than 10 years of work. Today, the complete resequencing of an individual can be done within days, at a cost of only a few thousand dollars.

Given these developments, which are radically transforming our approach to the life sciences, it is essential for French research to remain independent and to retain ownership of its results. To achieve this, French research must remain competitive despite the continuous development of large centres in the USA, Europe and Asia (e.g. BGI in China).

In this highly competitive international context (only 10% of European equipment is French), France Génomique offers the French life sciences community (biology, medicine, agronomy, biodiversity and environment) the opportunity to structure and reinforce its capacity in terms of equipment, expertise and innovation.

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