Mutualisation des compétences et des équipements français
pour l’analyse génomique et la bio-informatique

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Created through grant support from the French government programme “Investments for the Future”, France Génomique is a national genomics infrastructure born out of a desire to reinforce and optimise French capacity in the field of high-throughput genomics and associated bioinformatics. France Génomique is the result of the merging and restructuring of 4 projects submitted simultaneously to the 2010 call “National Infrastructures in Biology and Health”.
In the current context of strong international competition, the prime objective of France Génomique is to place and maintain France at the highest level of competitiveness and performance, at the cutting edge of the field of genomics production and data analysis, thus reinforcing France’s visibility in the international genomics landscape.

The France Génomique infrastructure brings together the majority of the French sequencing and bioinformatics platforms to form a consortium, whose partners are : (coordinator) CEA (Commission for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies), INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research) ; CNRS (National Scientific Research Centre), INSERM (National Institute for Education and Medical Research), Pasteur Institute, PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres Research University), and CERBM-GIE (Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology) in Strasbourg.
At national level, the France Génomique infrastructure incorporates significant capacities in genomic analysis (sequencing/genotyping and bioinformatics data processing) and brings together the critical mass and expertise necessary to enhance the competitive strength of the French scientific community (both academic and industrial) and attract large international projects.

France Génomique draws on a pool of recognised and complementary expertise, placed under integrated governance, to offer coordinated access with single point entry to a range of know-how covering all areas of the life sciences (biodiversity, medicine, agronomy, etc.).

In addition, its coordinated programmes in technology watch and technology development will enable France Génomique to provide the scientific community with access to the newest state-of-the-art technology and expertise internationally available in the field of high throughput sequencing and data processing.
Thus France Génomique operates, on the one hand, as a developer of innovative approaches to constantly offer the most competitive services and, on the other hand, as a collaborator/service provider to the scientific community for projects submitted either to an annual call for proposals for large-scale projects, or to a continuous submission scheme on the France Génomique web portal for smaller-scale projects.
The management structure of France Génomique will ultimately be reinforced through the creation of a Mixed Service Unit which will bring together the four main French public research organisations involved in the project : CEA, CNRS, INRA and INSERM.

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