Mutualisation des compétences et des équipements français
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Technology Development / Technology Watch

In response to the constant fast pace of development in genomics technologies and methodologies, one of the prime objectives of France Génomique is to enable the French scientific community to reap the benefits of the newest technological advances at all times, and to contribute to these developments.

In addition, the diverse platforms within the France Génomique partnership cover a wide range of specific expertise in different areas of high-throughput sequencing technology and applications. This expertise needs to be capitalised on, matched with current and future needs, and shared.

To stay on the cutting edge of genomics requires optimal investment of the human and financial resources necessary to evaluate, compare and acquire the newest technology and methodologies. To this end, France Génomique, in collaboration with the academic partners in the project, has set up technology watch groups to monitor innovative technological developments in sequencing and bioinformatics. The results of their work are expected to benefit not only the partners of France-Genomics but the whole scientific community.

The first step is to establish an upgrade programme for the France Génomique platforms, then to determine a sustainable strategy and the critical actions needed to maintain optimal performance of the infrastructure and guarantee the competitiveness of French research. Research priorities will be defined each year by the Executive Committee and scientific committees of France Génomique. The initial tasks of the work groups will focus mainly on de novo sequencing, resequencing, polymorphism analysis, transcriptome analysis (RNA-Seq …) and epigenome analysis (ChIP-Seq, MeDIP-Seq …).

For the technologies already in place, the protocols and pipelines for bioinformatics analysis will be developed on-site at the platform where the partners have the greatest expertise in the relevant area. Evaluation and benchmarking of new sequencing technologies (third generation) which require significant investment will be performed at the Institute of Genomics in Evry (near Paris) and made available to the whole France Génomique community.

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