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GEH sequencing platform

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The ’Human & Environmental Genomics’ core facility belongs to the University of Rennes 1, the University hospital of Rennes and the CNRS (France). Our structure benefits from a scientific working environment combining both ecological and medical fields of research, which enables us to offer original sequencing strategies and make possible transfers of knowledge and skills, gained in both domains.
Staff consists of 3 engineers (wet lab) and 1 bioinformatics engineer.

The core facility HEG carries out and assists your sequencing projects, from library preparation to primary bioinformatics analyses of the data generated by our NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) equipment. We provide a self-service access to different state of the art equipment.
The core facility HEG also carries out projects linked to high throughput quantitative PCR, genotyping and target enrichment (amplicon libraries)
Besides, the core facility HEG ensures technological watch to offer the state-of-the-art equipment in genomics fields to the users.

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Mains projects and offers
- Libraries preparation and sequencing : Genome- metagenome (DNAseq)- transcriptome-metatranscriptome (RNAseq), Amplicon sequencing (inter- or intraspecific diversity analyses, mutation analyses), Epigenetics (ChIP-Seq, Methyl-Seq), Exome sequencing, Single cell (development in progress during 2019)
- High throughput projects : quantitative PCR, genotyping and target enrichment (“one step PCR” amplicon libraries). Smartchip with 5184 wells allowing analyses of 384 samples/target in one chip.
- Microbial diversity analyses : 16S, 18S, Archaea – High throughput (up to 384 samples in one-step PCR).
- Development of bioinformatic analyzes specific to a project or an application in a collaborative mode.
This is a non-exhaustive list. The core facility aims to assist users and develop novel innovative applications and sequencing strategies. Feel free to contact us in order to talk about your specific project.

- Sequencing : 2 MiSeq - Illumina, Hiseq 1500 – Illumina
- High throughput - qPCR/Genotyping/ amplicon : Smartchip Real Time PCR - Takara/Wafergen
- Single Cell dispensing : CellenOne – Cellenion.
- digital PCR, genotyping : EP1 – Fluidigm
- Automated Liquid Handling Platform : BRAVO - Agilent, Biomek NXᴾ Span8 – Beckman
- Others : Fragment Analyser & BioAnalyser – Agilent, Covaris M220, LabChipXte - Caliper, thermocycling machine & others molecular biology equipment.

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Certification/ Quality Assurance
Quality certification ISO 9001 version 2015 obtained on December 2017.

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IBiSA label since April, 2012.

Platform managment
Scientific manager : Philippe Vandenkoornhuyse
Jean Mosser

Phone : 0223235127 (Campus Beaulieu)
Phone : 0223234576 (Campus Villejean)

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last update : February 2019