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PGTB platform

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Split on three geographical sites in the Bordeaux region (Univ. Bordeaux Carreire, INRA Villenave d’Ornon and INRA Pierroton), the PGTB was born from the desire of the University of Bordeaux and INRA to mutualise expertise, technological and human resources for the scientific community. It benefits from the support of the Aquitaine Region, the French State and the GIS-IBiSA (Infrastructures in Health and Agronomy Biology).

- NGS sequencing : de novo sequencing, re-sequencing, exome, transcriptome, targeted sequencing (capture or ampliSeq).
- Genotyping : SNP on MALDI-TOF (Sequenom), SSR on capillary sequencer, Taqman

- Sequencing : 1 Miseq Illumina, 1 MinION Oxford Nanopore Technology, 1 Proton Ion Torrent, 1 PGM Ion Torrent
- Genotyping : ABI 3730, LICOR, Sequenom
- Other : robotics (Hamilton), qPCR...

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Main achievements
Approximately 100 projects carried out each year since 2009 in the fields of sequencing, genotyping and TILLING. PGTB provides services and know-how for regional, national and international projects in fields as varied as health, forestry research, vine and wine, microbiology, agronomy, environment and synthetic biology.

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Certification / Quality assurance
ISO9001-2008 and NFX 50-900 certified.
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IBiSA platform labeled as a strategic regional platform by INRA.

Platform managment
Scientific leaders :
Technical managers :
Franck SALIN, Christophe HUBERT, Cécile BRES


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