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POPS platform

Main activities

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The iPS2 transcriptOmic Platform (POPS) offers :

1. Expertise in gene expression analysis in plants using RNA high-throughput sequencing (stranded RNA-seq, Small RNA-seq, Ultralow RNA-seq, footprinting …).
This service is completed by bioinformatic and statistical analyses allowing quantitative analysis of the transcriptome.
2. Methodological developments in order to respond to the requests of our collaborators and widen our offer.
3. Trainings and scientific animation.


Sequencing : 1 NextSeq500, 1 MiSeq, access to HiSeq 2000/4000 Illumina sequencers at the Genoscope in Evry
Robotics : 1 Beckman Biomek FX
Other : 1 Sage Science PippinHT, 1 Covaris M220, 2 Agilent BioAnalysers, 1 Agilent TapeStation, BMG Labtech CLARIOstar

Certificates/Quality Approach
IBiSA platform since 2008
INRA « Plateforme Stratégique Nationale » since 2008
ISO9001 certification since 2012

More information  :

Plateform manager  :
Ludivine Soubigou-Taconnat

Contact  :

Ludivine Soubigou-Taconnat

POPS, Plateforme TranscriptOmique de l’iPS2
01 69 15 77 1
IPS2, Institute of Plant Sciences - Paris-Saclay
Bâtiment 630, rue de Noetzlin
Plateau du Moulon
91190 - Gif-sur-Yvette
Plateau du Moulon

mise à jour : février 2018