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"Mate Pair" Sequencing

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The preparation of "mate pair" libraries is designed to allow classical "paired-end" sequencing of both ends of a fragment with an original size of several kilobases. The figure shows the workflow for "mate-pair" library preparation for Illumina sequencing. Since the beginning of 2013, this preparation has been based on Nextera technology. The enzyme tagmentase fragments the DNA to sizes between 2 and 15 kb and binds adapters at the breaking point. Fragment size can be selected by 0.7% agarose gel migration or pulse field. DNA inserts are then circularised to bring the ends close together. At the junction point, a biotin is added and the circularised constructions are mechanically sheared into fragments of 200 to 700pb. The segments containing the ends are then recovered using a magnetic streptavidine bead selection. The fragments selected in this way are then submitted to a standard library preparation.

Platforms to contact for "mate pair" sequencing projects :
Génoscope, Pasteur, GeT, MGX, Gentyane

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