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Areas of expertises

The wide resources and expertise of the France Génomique infrastructure allows us to offer our collaborators a broad range of cutting edge techniques for different areas of application of the new sequencing technologies.
For DNA, we have the necessary expertise to perform both de novo sequencing and resequencing (whole genome and targeted regions):

- de novo sequencing

- Whole genome resequencing
- Targeted sequencing

France Génomique has expertise in genomic studies on DNA chips:

- Genotyping

We also offer RNA sequencing:

- Transcriptome sequencing,
- Mapping of transcription start sites (TSS),
- Small RNA sequencing,

And for epigenetic studies:

- ChIP-Seq,
- MeDIP,
- Bisulfite.

Our platforms perform technology watch to exploit emerging technologies, enabling us to constantly update our protocols and develop new ones in order to remain at the forefront of high throughput sequencing technology.

The table below provides an overview of the expertise and application areas of each of the France Génomique platforms:

Plateform Specific expertises Contacts
Genoscope (Evry) de novo sequencing, metagenomics, RNA-Seq for large-scale projects, biodiversity Karine Labadie :
CNRGH (Evry) Resequencing (WG, WES), functional sequencing for large-scale projects, genetics of human disease Jean-François Deleuze :
TGML (Marseille) Resequencing (WES), functional sequencing Jean Imbert :
MGX (Montpellier) RNA-Seq, chromatin architecture, DNA replication. Laurent Journot :
Institut Pasteur (Paris) Microorganisms, metagenomics / transcriptomics, epigenomics Philippe Glaser :
Genomic Paris centre (Paris) Resequencing, RNA-Seq, epigenomics Stéphane Le Crom / Alain Nicolas :
lecrom@biologie.ens.fr /
UCAGenomiX (Sophia Antipolis) RNA Analysis (Small RNA-Seq, RNA-Seq), ChIP-Seq, Single Cell Pascal Barbry :
GenomEast (Strasbourg) ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, small RNA-Seq, resequencing (WES and targeted sequencing) Bernard Jost :
Genotoul (Toulouse) Genomic sequencing, resequencing, RNA-Seq , metagenomics, animal and plant genetics D. Milan / C. Donnadieu :

November 2017

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