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Sequencing Platform of Montpellier MGX – Montpellier GenomiX

The platform undertakes de novo sequencing, resequencing, RNA-Seq, DGE, small RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, HiC, identification of polymorphisms. It also provides access to statistical analysis pipelines for identification of differentially expressed transcripts, regions linked by transcription factors and genomic amplifications/deletions.

MGX is equipped with 3 Illumina sequencers (HiSeq2500 and HiSeq2000 ) with a sequencing capacity of approximately 1,3 TB per week. The platform also has 2 Genesis robots (Tecan). It is run by a team of 7 engineers : 4 molecular biologists and 3 bioinformaticians.

Main achievements
Approximately 80 projects carried out annually. The platform is involved in the fields of Health Biology, Agronomy (Plant and Animal) and Environment Sciences.

Bioinformatics analysis
The MGX Montpellier platform offers the following services :
Primary analysis
- Delivery of raw sequence data
- Reports on sequencing and quality control
- Checks for contamination
- Data filtering and cleaning
- Alignment of reads against a reference sequence
Secondary analysis
- DNA : Identification of SNPs
- DNA : Identification of indels
- DNA : Annotation of variants
- DNA : Identification of CNVs
- ChIP-Seq : Identification of binding sites (ChIP)
- ChIP-Seq : Annotation of binding sites
- RNA-Seq : Differential expression analysis
- DGE : Differential expression analysis
- Contextualisation : Gene ontology enrichment.

Certification / Quality Assurance
Certification ISO9001

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Platform managment
Laurent Journot

Campus Arnaud de Villeneuve
Unité Mixte de Service BioCampus Montpellier (UMS 3426 CNRS-INSERM-UM1-UM2)
MGX – Montpellier GenomiX
c/o Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle
141, rue de la cardonille
34094 Montpellier Cedex 5

Laurent Journot
04 34 35 92 41

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