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Sequencing Platform of Montpellier MGX – Montpellier GenomiX

The platform undertakes de novo sequencing, resequencing, RNA-Seq, DGE, small RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, HiC, identification of polymorphisms. It also provides access to its statistical analysis pipelines for identification of differentially expressed transcripts, regions linked by transcription factors and genomic amplifications/deletions.

Equipment :
MGX is equipped with 2 Illumina sequencers (HiSeq2500 and HiSeq2000) with a sequencing capacity of approximately 1,3 TB per week. The platform also has a 2 Genesis robots (Tecan). It has a team of 7 engineers : 4 molecular biologists and 3 bioinformaticians.

Main achievements :
Approximately 80 projects executed annually. The platform serves the domain of Health Biology but also that of Agronomy (Plant and Animal) and Environment Sciences.

Bioinformatics analysis :
The MGX Montpellier platform offers the following services :
Primary analysis
- Delivery of raw sequence data
- Reports on sequencing and quality control
- Checks for contamination
- Data filtering and cleaning
- Alignment of reads against a reference sequence
Secondary analysis
- DNA : Identification of SNPs
- DNA : Identification of indels
- DNA : Annotation of variants
- DNA : Identification of CNVs
- ChIP-Seq : Identification of binding sites (ChIP)
- ChIP-Seq : Annotation of binding sites
- RNA-Seq : Differential expression analysis
- DGE : Differential expression analysis
- Contextualisation : Gene ontology enrichment.

Quality Assurance /Certification :
IBiSA Platform. Certification ISO9001.

For further information :

Platform Manager :
Laurent Journot

Campus Arnaud de Villeneuve
Unité Mixte de Service BioCampus Montpellier (UMS 3426 CNRS-INSERM-UM1-UM2)
MGX – Montpellier GenomiX
c/o Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle
141, rue de la cardonille
34094 Montpellier Cedex 5

Contact :
Laurent Journot
04 34 35 92 41

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