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Bioinformatics platform of Rennes - GenOuest

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The GenOuest platform offers a full range of services in bioinformatics : expertise, development, training, computing resources. It focuses mainly on calculation methods (grid, GPU architectures, cloud), and also on management of biological data and metadata. Strong interactions with the environmental genomics platform and the medical genomics platform of Biogenouest have enabled the development of expertise in high-throughput sequencing. Close collaborations with the project teams of IRISA/INRIA also enable the GenOuest platform to offer new tools for acceleration of NGS data handling.

The GenOuest platform offers several clusters for bioinformatics processing :
Traditional 400-core cluster with 2.6 TB of memory
GPU cluster (graphics cards) : 4 S1070 and 3 M2090
Private cloud ( for experimentation 
Storage space : cluster 150 TB ; cloud 10 TB

Main Achievements
The platform is engaged in development of the BioMAJ tool ( for the update of sequencing data banks. The platform has taken part in the GRISBI and MobyleNet projects, funded by IBiSA. 
The platform provides support to the EMME project for management of biological metadata, and to the e-Biogenouest project for implementation of an E-science approach. (

Certification / Quality Assurance
The GenOuest platform is ISO9001 certified (since May 2008).

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Platform Managment
Olivier Collin
IRISA/INRIA Plateforme GenOuest
Campus de Beaulieu
35042 Rennes cedex, France

02 99 84 72 78

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