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MicroScope Bio-informatics platform

The MicroScope platform is an informatics infrastructure dedicated to the annotation and comparative analysis of genomes and metagenomes of microorganisms. It undertakes:
-Development of tools for annotation, comparative genomics and comparative metabolism of bacterial genomes
-Organisation and management of genomic and metabolic data in database structures
-Development of web interfaces and tools for the MicroScope platform
-Annotation of newly sequenced genomes and re-annotation of genomes
-Processing of NGS data: polymorphism and transcriptome projects
-Training in annotation and comparative analysis of genomic and metabolic data

These services are available to the scientific community: (http://www.genoscope.cns.fr/agc/microscope/about/services.php)
Several types of projects are eligible for “basic” or “collaborative” services: i.e. genomics projects, metagenomics projects, RNA-Seq and evolutionary projects.

The MicroScope platform benefits from the informatics infrastructure of the Genoscope: Network attached storage capacity of around 1 PB; Computing power, with direct connection to data servers, provided mainly by x86_64 dual processor servers (approx 500 cores, typically 8 GB/core); Data life cycle management: defining data life cycle enables differentiated measures to be implemented for backup and archiving.

Main achievements: :
Approximately 4000 bacterial genomes annotated since 2002
As of October 2012: 121 MircoScope projects, 10 metagenomics projects, 14 RNA-Seq projects (up to 6 experiments per project), 4 evolutionary projects (containing dozens of evolved clones). The list of projects currently ongoing and the publications list are available on the platform website: http://www.genoscope.cns.fr/agc/microscope/ ; (menu « About »).

Quality Assurance /Certification:
MicroScope platform: IBiSA certified since 2006.
LABGeM: certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards in January 2012. This certification applies to research, development and service activities.

En savoir plus:

Plateform Managers: : Claudine Médigue & David Vallenet

UMR CEA/CNRS UMR 8030/université d’Evry-Val-d’Essonne
CEA / Institut de Génomique / Genoscope
2, rue Gaston Crémieux 91057 EVRY Cedex - FRANCE


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