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Sequencing Platform of Marseille

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The platform "Transcriptomics and Genomics of Marseille-Luminy" (TGML) is affiliated to the laboratory "Theory and Approaches of Genomic Complexity" (TAGC, Inserm U1090, Pr P. Rihet), and located in the Science Park of Luminy (Aix Marseille University).

This platform provides public and private sector researchers with access to transciptome, genomics and epigenomics analysis. The TGML offers its users and collaborators a wide range of experimental and bioinformatics approaches dedicated to the analysis of different types of DNA chips, and to high-throughput sequencing.

- Transcriptomics : RNA-seq, DNA chips (DGE, miRNA, CGH)
- Genomics : Targeted re-sequencing, complete exome, SNV, small / large IndDels, etc.
- Epigenomics : ChIP-seq, FAIRE-seq / ATAC-seq, Mnase-seq, 3C-seq, 4C-seq
- Bioinformatics analysis : on demand according to the project

- Sequencing : NextSeq 500 (Illumina)
- Single-cell and Long read : Chromium Controller (10x genomics)
- Scanner : High-Resolution Microarray (Agilent)
- Robots : EVO 150 (Tecan), Apollo-324 (WaferGen) and Fragment Analyzer (Advanced Analytical)

Computer cluster
- Computing power :
-18 nodes
-288 cores
-1.5 TB RAM
- Data storage : 1 bay with gpfs of 220 TB

Computer tools
- Under development : Workflow development for transcriptome, genome and epigenome analysis
- Available :
- GeVarA software for the analysis of genomic variants
- Custom conversion and analysis tools (wig, bed, sam, etc.)

Certification / Quality standards
The entire activity of the platform is certified ISO 9001:2015 and NFX 50-900:2016

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Cancéropôle PACA
Plateforme technologique AMU

Platform managment
Béatrice Loriod

Inserm - Aix Marseille Université
163 Avenue de Luminy
13288 Marseille cedex 9

+33(0)491 828 713

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