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Sequencing Platform of Marseille

The platform « Transcriptomics and Genomics Marseille-Luminy » (TGML) is affiliated to the laboratory « Advanced Technologies for the Genome and Clinic » (TAGC), Inserm U1090, Dr C. Nguyen), and located in the Science Park of Luminy (Aix Marseille University).

This platform provides public and private sector researchers with access to transciptome, genomics and epigenomics analysis. The TGML offers its users and collaborators a wide range of experimental and bioinformatics approaches dedicated to the analysis of different types of DNA chips, and to high-throughput sequencing.

Activities / Specialties
- Transcriptomics : RNA-Seq, DNA chips
- Genomics : DNA-Seq (targeted resequencing, whole exome sequencing, SNV, small/large indels, etc)
- Epigenomics : ChIP-Seq, FAIRE-Seq, Mnase-Seq

Key Equipment
- Sequencer : SOLiD 5500 WildFire, Life Technologies (300 Gb)
- Sequencer : PGM Ion Torrent, Life Technologies (10Mb-2Gb)
- Scanner : Microarray High-Resolution, Agilent
- Robots : TECAN EVO 150 ; OneTouch
- Batch Farms :
 3 servers Dell PE1950 (2 CPU E5420@2.5GHz, 24 cores)
 4 servers Dell R710 (2 CPU E5540@2.53GHz, 32 cores)
 16 servers Dell C6220 (2 CPU E5-2640@2.5GHz, 192 cores)
- Storage : 4 volumes (Dell MD1000, MD1200 and MD3260 bays), 140 to 220 Tb

Informatics tools under development :
- Development of workflows for transcriptome, genomic and epigenomic analysis
- GeVarA software for analysis of genomic variants
- Tools for conversation and analysis (wig, bed, sam files, etc.)

Labels / Quality Assurance / Certification
GIS IBiSA, Cancéropôle PACA, CoReBio PACA. The platform is certified ISO 9001:2008 and NF X 50-900

Geographical location / Affiliation :
Campus Universitaire de Luminy 13009 Marseille
TAGC U1090
Inserm, Aix Marseille Université

Platform Managers :
Catherine NGuyen et Béatrice Loriod

Contacts :
Béatrice Loriod
+33(0)491 828 713

For further information :

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