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CEA / Génoscope & CNRGH - Informatics and Bioinformatics laboratories

The informatics and bioinformatics laboratories of the Genoscope and CNRGH institutes are involved in the entire process of data production and primary and secondary data handling. Their role is to deliver data sets designed specifically for applications and which meet the needs of the biologists :

- systems infrastructure, computation, storage and network,

- production management (development and exploitation of LIMS),

- automation of data production processes and quality control,

- assembly of large genomes and eukaryotic metagenomes,

- annotation and comparative analyse of eukaryotic genomes,

- detection and annotation of variants.

Equipment :
-Data-oriented architecture
-Network attached storage capacity of approx 1 PB
-Computing power, with direct connection to data servers, provided mainly by x86_64 dual processor servers (approx 500 cores, typically 8 GB/core)
-Two “large memory” machines (1 TB), used for specific applications such as eukaryotic metagenome assembly.
-Data life cycle management : defining data life cycle enables differentiated measures to be implemented for backup and archiving.

Main achievements :
The Institutes’ informatics infrastructure and IT teams currently handle the data generated by HiSeq (2500, 4000, X), NovaSeq 6000 and Nanopore (MiniION, PromethION) sequencers. The raw data and analysis results are made available via restricted-access websites either through downloads or, for man-machine interaction, via “genome browser”.
-Assembly and/or annotation of large genomes : banana (530 Mb), cocoa (430 Mb), wheat - chromosome 3B (1 Gb), trout (2.5 Gb), coffee (710 Mb).
-Research and validation of the variants associated with major human diseases : Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, metabolic diseases, rare diseases.

Quality Assurance /Certification :
The Laboratory of Biomedical Analysis for Genomics and Metabolism is ISO 9001:2008 certified for IT user support and IT purchases.

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Platform Managers :  :
Claude Scarpelli, Jean-Marc Aury,Vincent Meyer

CEA / Genoscope & CNRGH
2, rue Gaston Crémieux 91057 EVRY Cedex - FRANCE
Laboratoires d’Informatique Scientifique,
Laboratoires de Statistiques et d’Informatique,
Laboratoire d’Analyse Bio-informatique des Séquences

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