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URGI Bioinformatics platform

Software development:
- Databases, query user interfaces, processing chains for biological data analysis (sequences): Genes, transposable elements, variants (SNPs, CNVs), expression analysis (RNA-Seq, Chip-Seq)
- Management and integration of data from different sources (interoperability)
- Provision of access to data, tools and computing and storage resources
- Analysis of genomics data and genome dynamics and evolution data (genes, transposable elements)
- Training on the use of platform tools

712-core computing cluster, database server, web server, server room with air-conditioning and fire suppression system (UPS), storage units (NAS, DAS), backup robots, network connectivity: 1 Gb/sec.

Main achievements:
GnpIS, an information system for the genetics and genomics of plants and fungi. This system is applied to several species of agronomic interest, in particular, wheat, vine and mushrooms.

« Investissement d’avenir » (Investments for the Future), funding call: National Infrastructures in Health Biology
- IFB : Institut Français de Bioinformatique (French Institute for Bioinformatics), PHENOME: Network of phenotyping platforms
- Investissement d’avenir (Investments for the Future): Bio resources:
Breedwheat (wheat), Amaizing (corn), Aker (beetroot), Rapesodyn (rapeseed), PeaMust (pea), BioMass (Miscanthus, Sorgho)
- Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (French National Research Funding Agency):
Plant bio resources : Muscares (grape), 3BSeq (wheat)
Fungal genomics : Gandalf, Fungisex, Fungisochores
Bioinformatics : ANR GnpAsso, ANR MetaQTL
- European Commission:
Wheat and barley genomics: FP7 TriticeaeGenome, KBBE GrapeReseq (grape),
Bioinformatics: TransPlant (European plant infrastructure)
- International :
IWGSC (International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium), Wheat initiative, Grape consortium.

Quality Assurance/ Certification:
RIO / IBISA, INRA CNOC (strategic), certification ISO 9001 (October 2012)

For further information:

Platform Managers:
Scientific Manager: Hadi Quesneville
Operations Manager: Delphine Steinbach

Unité de Recherches Génomique Info (URGI)
Centre INRA de Versaillles,
RD 10, Route de St Cyr
78000 Versailles

Delphine Steinbach, delphine.steinbach@versailles.inra.fr

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