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URGI Bioinformatics platform

The "Unité de Recherches en Génomique Info" (URGI, UR1164) is an INRA research unit from the plant breeding department.

- Databases, query user interfaces, processing chains for biological data analysis (sequences) : Genes, transposable elements, variants (SNPs, CNVs), expression analysis (RNA-Seq, Chip-Seq)
- Management and integration of data from different sources (interoperability)
- Provision of access to data, tools and computing and storage resources
- Analysis of genomics data and genome dynamics and evolution data (genes, transposable elements)
- Training on the use of platform tools

712-core computing cluster, database server, web server, server room with air-conditioning and fire suppression system (UPS), storage units (NAS, DAS), backup robots, network connectivity : 1 Gb/sec.

Main achievements
GnpIS, an information system for the genetics and genomics of plants and fungi. This system is applied to several species of agronomic interest, in particular, wheat, vine and mushrooms.

« Investissement d’avenir » (Investments for the Future), funding call : National Infrastructures in Health Biology
- IFB : Institut Français de Bioinformatique (French Institute for Bioinformatics), PHENOME : Network of phenotyping platforms
- Investissement d’avenir (Investments for the Future) : Bio resources :
Breedwheat (wheat), Amaizing (corn), Aker (beetroot), Rapesodyn (rapeseed), PeaMust (pea), BioMass (Miscanthus, Sorgho)
- Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (French National Research Funding Agency) :
Plant bio resources : Muscares (grape), 3BSeq (wheat)
Fungal genomics : Gandalf, Fungisex, Fungisochores
Bioinformatics : ANR GnpAsso, ANR MetaQTL
- European Commission :
Wheat and barley genomics : FP7 TriticeaeGenome, KBBE GrapeReseq (grape),
Bioinformatics : TransPlant (European plant infrastructure)
- International :
IWGSC (International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium), Wheat initiative, Grape consortium.

Certification / Quality Assurance
certification ISO 9001 (October 2012)
JPEG - 32.9 ko

INRA CNOC (strategic)

Platform Managment
Scientific Manager : Hadi Quesneville
Operations Manager : Delphine Steinbach

Unité de Recherches Génomique Info (URGI)
Centre INRA de Versaillles,
RD 10, Route de St Cyr
78000 Versailles

Delphine Steinbach

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