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MIGALE Bioinformatics platform

The MIGALE platform has two main objectives :

- To make available an informatics infrastructure dedicated to the analysis of genomics data :
by providing the material means, CPU, storage, memory
by making available collections of specific and generic genomics data
by providing online access to bioinformatics tools for data analysis

- To transfer know-how in bioinformatics :
by organising training courses
by offering advice and support to users
by carrying out design and development activities for processing and analysis of user data

Equipement :
The informatics infrastructure of the MIGALE platform has 75 servers running on Linux and a computing cluster comprising 580 processors.
Storage capacity is 75 TB. More than 65 data banks , either generic or specific, are made available and more than 100 bioinformatics tools for data analysis.

Training :
MIGALE organises bioinformatics training (14 modules comprising approximately 20 days of study), and has trained around 900 individuals since 2005. The platform also offers IT development services (databases, websites, etc&nbsp) for user projects. Training cycle.

Main achievements :
MIGALE hosts the AGMIAL prokaryotic genome annotation platform (100 users, 65 annotated genomes). It also provides logistics support, via the MIG unit, for the genomics projects of the biology teams (around 40 projects since 2005), and hosts 500 user projects.

Quality Assurance / Certification :
IBiSA certified, since 2010.
ISO 9001 certified, since April 2011

Plateform Managers :
Jean-Francois Gibrat (scientific manager)
Valentin Loux (operations manager)
Jouy Research Centre, Mathematics Unit, Informatics and Genome, INRA

For further information :

Contact :
Jean-Francois Gibrat or Valentin Loux
33(1) 34 65 28 95

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